Wednesday, August 12, 2009

As Promised, More resources!

Hi All!

I just wanted to share some more awesome natural living resources with you. I'm constantly seeking a variety of informative places and resources for you guys to visit. My hopes, that as the resources grow, the blog will too! You can certainly assist me in the effort by taking a moment to share this blog with others. With all the talk going on about "health care", you'll probably want to start really looking into what your options may be (while you still can) and begin taking your own journey into seriously controlling your own health care. I believe one of the best ways to do this is to learn all you can and employ a positive healthy lifestyle change. True preventative care in my opinion is learning what you need to know to possibly prevent sickness & disease and then applying what you learn to ensure it. I don't think we're any longer in a state where we can just "talk" about getting healthy, but we're needing to actually put a plan into place and take action!

I believe there is a great move as never before to control, suppress and monitor the type of health care you can obtain, but especially the type of health information you can receive. It's really up to you now, to make and put positive healthy changes into your life as well as those you love. You'd better think about it, consider the health care reform plan and how it plans to affect your loved ones.

How will it really affect your children? Right now its your choice to immunize, in the near future, maybe not. Do you have elderly parents? Right now they may have quite a bit of their independence, in the near future, maybe not, you may be asked to "put them out of their misery" (old age), kinda sounds like we're referring to animals and not people when I hear some of the stuff related to the elderly with regards to this new "health care reform".

Oh, let's not forget that flu shot! Actions are being put into to place to make you accept certain kinds of medical "care".

Oh, and a woman's "right to choose", interesting a woman can choose to have an abortion, but in the near future your right to how and where your baby is born may not be your right.

For those of you over 40, doesn't this remind you of that movie in a way called "Logan's Run"?!

People have laughed and mocked those who practice survivalist lifestyle, hmm, I'm just wondering if now wouldn't be a good time to make friends with some of them.


Check out these new resources I've added, I'm especially excited about "Purely Delicious" Raw lifestyle Magazine! It offers a lot of informative info for those interested in a healthier lifestyle naturally and even has teaching/training resources available. Be sure to visit them by clicking on the banner above this article or go to: www.purelydelicious.net

Also, if you're local to Tennessee, check out Dr. Josh Axe from the Exodus Health Center. This site is not completely raw, but certainly offers a wealth of sound natural health information & resources you can definitely use. Visit: www.joshaxe.com

Next, visit the "Natural News" website. I love this site because it keeps me up to date and informed about all things natural and what's going on with the current health care reform not just locally but worldwide! Click here: www.naturalnews.com

Are you looking for local farm fresh produce? Want to join a farm cooperative or CSA? then visit the following link to locate resources in your area: www.localharvest.org

Here's a really cool link I just found out about:

Well, that's it for now, I look forward to hearing from you and hope you find this blog useful.
Shalom & Blessings to You!
Miss Yna

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