Saturday, May 2, 2015

Well it's already into Spring....
Once again attempting to break my silence.  Like the catepillar who's been asleep.  I awaken.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Well my friends I will finally be back on track posting very shortly! Starting in May my computer which has been over hauled will be  returned and I will again be able to write with ease! I know it's been a while, but soon, you'll be hearin' some fun and interesting news so check back in May!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happi New Year!

Well, here we all are!  We made it through 2013 and with God's help have crossed over into 2014 (I'm told that Biblically, this number represents double portion/restoration) and that's good news to me!

I have to admit, I am rather excited about what God has in store for
me this year and I hope you are too! I'm strongly sensing that this year will be one which will require taking leaps of faith in many "spiritually uncharted" areas of our lives--you know, those areas that you have learned to function so well in without any second thought, I.e. your
"routine". I think that all of our little places of normal are going to be shaken even upset by circumstances that will put what we currently think we know about ourselves, our ways of living and what we believe spiritually to a huge test. So, what does it all mean? That maybe we
better strap not just our skates on but our socks, pants and everything else! I think this year is gonna be one wild ride but a very good and exciting one!

This year, I'm truly looking forward to expansion with our natural foods classes, products, vendors and introducing as many as we can to a healthier way of living. With the addition of my new Gardening Administrator (Laurie Dowdell) I am hoping to motivate those of you who follow to grow something this
year even if it's just kitchen herbs! I will also be hoping to restructure and implement my present wellness business through a "care and share" program  which in the very near coming months I'll be discussing.

This year, you can expect more updated information on natural health awareness as well as more frequent updates from me!

Last year was an odd and inconsistent year for me personally. I found many things I thought  were solid, to in fact, be very unstable. And while my gut is telling me that 2014 is gonna include a whole lotta shiftin' goin on, I also sense some major divine intervention!

Anyway, I am really excited to see how all will manifest blessings and I want to encourage you to share them with me as they happen cause that
is ALWAYS encouraging!

Keep your head to the sky, that is, look up!

I' ll be in touch, Lord willing,
Miss Yna

Monday, October 14, 2013


October has finally hit and I'm so excited!!!!

Our next gatherings for our Moses Wasn't Fat connect group will be starting up shortly and I will have the pleasure of introducing yet another group of people to a more nutritious way of living and being!  

Our last garden of "sprouts" (members) grew so beautifully and are moving on to produce their own harvests of health and wellness!  I feel so privileged to have been able to plant them into the garden God gave me and then nurture them on into their wellness journeys. 

Scripture says:  "one waters, one plants, but GOD gives the increase"!  This is a right before my eyes, true statement!

I would like to thank all of my Graduating students who completed the whole 8 weeks and pray that all of you received something from our gatherings! I love ALL of you who attended.  I look forward to hearing your progress over the next year!  Shalom to you all!

Those who attended complete sessions and graduated:
*Liz McClain B. 
*Koala C. 
*Laurie D.l
*Elba R.
*Wini F. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jesus n KimKraut

For the last week or so, I've been wanting to get back into the kitchen and make my 2nd batch of homemade sour kraut.  After coming off of a long weekend, I decided that today would be that day!  I'm also going to try my hand at making pickles for the first time using a recipe from one of the participants from my group.

Having a small group is such a rewarding experience for me.  I kept hearing back from my participants how blessed they were to get the knowledge I had to share, but in fact, I was the one blessed to also enjoy the knowledge they had to share.  Food lends itself to being artistically beautiful.  All of the colors, shapes and sizes in addition to its vast flavors and aromas! Also, the preparation of food is an art.  Having an artistic bent, like most who tend towards being creative, my eye view tends towards seeing things--like food, people and their talents or what they have to offer as art.  My small group was full of artists!

You can find art just about anywhere if you know how to see!  That's the tricky part for some though.  I say tricky because to truly embrace art through others or even the world, one must have a purity about their heart. A childlike state of being that is always open to new things, possibilities, ways of doing and being along with the courage to step perhaps where no one has gone or to even take the path where someone else has gone and journey it farther.  True artists are not threatened by another artists work, or abilities and giftings, because they understand where it all emanates from and they understand their own giftings and abilities including their strengths and weaknesses--so, why be jealous or bent out of shape! Those whose hearts have been muddied and clouded can never come to full freedom within their artistic potential because they fail to realize this.  It is amazing how when the heart is given to God, He can purify it if we allow and then our "art" is always balanced.  We see as we should. Then our art will glorify Him and uplift those who get the opportunity to enjoy it! 

Meanwhile back at the kitchen....

I gathered my ingredients to make my kraut which, I'll call KimKraut for now.  See my Group Co-facilitator made us some pretty 'slammin' kimchee and I couldn't make up my mind on if I was going to make kimchee or sour kraut  so I thought, why not do them both--and together!  So my sour kraut ended up being a combination of her kimchee and my kraut recipes!  That's what I love about whole foods, truly you can work with what you have, and it seems for the most part to turn into something better than what you started with, kinda like 'art'.  Anyway, that's why I named it KimKraut!

As I put all the ingredients into the bowl, I salted them and waited a bit, then came back to knead the mixture. (kneading the ingredients are necessary to release the juices which become the brine when making kraut or kimchee)Now, this is where Jesus comes in.......

I am a firm believer that when you prepare food, LOVE should be the main ingredient.  This is real folks, I don't care what anyone says.  Consider how good food tastes when its been made for you by someone you know loves you, you don't have to eat much of it but it's so good!  Now think about a frozen dinner from a box.  Ain't no love comin out of that box and you can taste that it doesn't!  So love makes the food taste better and its healing.  

When I prepare food, I pray as I go.  I really do.  Why, cause God (Jesus) IS love!  I want my food to be filled with love and joy to those who eat it!  But as I was kneading that cabbage, it occurred to me how the cabbage had to be bruised, just like Jesus.  I also began to think about how as you continue each step of making the KimKraut, it was like what happened to Jesus, you bruise/knead it, you pack it in a jar and submerge it, then you put it into a dark place so it can ferment and then in a few days, its ready and you can bring it forth to eat and enjoy!  The flavor is amazing and filled with LOVE!  The kraut and veggies actually become something different, and absolutely better for us after having undergone the process of fermentation. 

It has now transformed into a super food that if we eat it, not only tastes good, but helps to heal us as well!  (if you've not learnt the benefits of eating fermented foods then look it up!)Now that's art!

Anyway, I finally finished my 'KimKraut' and thought more deeply about the process in comparison with what our Lord had gone through and my final thought is this,

Cabbage has to go through a process to become Kraut.  And so do we.  Even Jesus did!  

This process reminds me of what Jesus went through for us--He was beaten and bruised, submerged in a tomb, went into the depths of darkness & hell, but arose days later coming out with ALL power so that each one of us could have a life filled with love, healing and lasting joy, that when accepted lasts throughout all eternity!  

If you haven't had the opportunity to get to know Him for yourself, you should.  Don't take my word for it!  None of us is perfect.  We've all made mistakes. Sooner or later we all end up bruised, but His bruising is the only one that makes us better! Ask Him to forgive you. Ask Him into your heart today! Finally, thank Him for taking that bruising for You!  Then, eat the KimKraut, its all good!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Moses Wasn't Fat!

I'm so excited to offer my new natural foods connect group! We'll be using the workbook Moses Wasn't Fat! Our group will meet up and connect on July 30th and thereafter for a total of 6 weeks covering a varity of subjects related to natural whole foods and a raw food diet. Can't wait to share more, Y

Friday, May 31, 2013