Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm Back....Sorta!

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to keep up with my blog in the last few months due to the transitions in my life.

First, my youngest child has moved from home and this has been interesting, I now find myself having to re-learn what it is like to come home to an empty house, (with exception to my feline who shows up every now and then) next,

I recently broke my ankle! Can you believe it? At 46 I end up breaking a bone! Lord, that was totally unexpected! As the situation would have it, I've been staying with friends until I can move around a lot better.

I have often desired to write, but in truth, my rawness kinda went south, though I have maintained a determination to not stray all the way a-way.

I am currently in a position now where I'm being proven in this 'raw thing". Funny thing is, many of my friends saw how good it was going and started to ask me questions about "how to".

Being a nail tech, if I'm not working, I don't earn, so I have been ripely postioned to prove the whole "ghetto raw" concept. Challenging, but, I am undaunted. I was clearly distracted for a moment, but the awesome thing is, that my being away from this dietary lifestyle for such a period of time worked in its favor to motivate me to return to it. I realized how much I missed getting in the kitchen for myself and creating all those healthy concoctions! Its a bit difficult to do if outside of your own kitchen, you know?

Anyway, I should be back on top of my game shortly which will allow me to continue to post interesting info and raw food recipes and such to those who are interested.

I will also resume promoting the blog in order to create the community I was seeking to establish for those who need a viable "raw foods on a budget resource". Truly, that's the purpose of what I'm trying to do.

until next time,
Shalom to you,
Miss Yna!

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