Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Raw Journey

I decided to write this blog because this January 2009, I began a long planned transition to what is known as a "raw foods diet".

For a long time I had toyed with the idea of adopting this way of eating & living. I hate to use the term "diet", cause it's not a diet, but more of a lifestyle change.

I already had an interest in natural foods & herbs which led my family to open and run a small food buyers club & health food home based business to offset the costs of eating natural foods. We did this for a few years til I moved out of state. So I have been open to healthier ways of doing things for most of my adult life.

I decided to further my knowledge of herbs and foods by becoming a C.N.H.P(certified natural health professional) . While studying in the program in 2000, I had an instructor that I came into contact with who was a "raw foodist". I sat in shock as she revealed her age to be in her 40's I think closer to 50, she looked amazing! The woman didn't look a day over 30! Her skin was bright, she was trim and healthy looking but most of all, she looked really young, I kept staring, cause her age didn't seem to match her face & body. I specifically remember her telling us that she ate very little "cooked food". I thought how weird is that! Later on in my life, I would go on to find out it wasn't weird at all, I made a mental note that one day I was gonna find out more about this "raw food" thing.

In 2005, I began combing the internet for info on how to "do raw". While I found a number of extremely informative sites, there was also an overload of info out there on the subject. As with any subject, there are many voices, ways & means as far as the "how'to's" were concerned. It can definitely be overwhelming to a newbie not to mention, it seemed complicated, time consuming & expensive! So, I put it down until 2008!

I continued to eat a predominately organic diet, & learned to do this on a very limited budget. Still I always had the "raw" thing in the back of my head.

So, as stated before, in 2008 I felt compelled to really learn more about this "raw" way of living. My number one reason is because, well, I turned 46 in December 2008 and felt it was time for some change (I'm a late bloomer/boomer!) I wanted to lose some excess weight, and forgive my vanity, I also wanted to not only feel younger but look younger! I always had that instructor's appearance stuck in my head!

I once again set out to learn about raw.

The how-to's of raw seemed to be encrypted in language that required massive amounts of decoding (i.e. it did not seem as though there was anyone with a simple get to the point explanation on how to do this) and much of the "decoding" (or info) required payment of some sort and not that there is anything wrong with that, I wanted to see if I could locate good info without at this time having to come out of pocket. I decided that probably the easiest way to really get some understanding, was to join a raw foods forum or two, look at some recipes and approach it from a self discovery angle.

With that, I prayed to God and asked Him to lead me on this path, that I felt was calling me to better health. I have to add here that the idea of going vegetarian was a bit nerve racking for me, cause I enjoyed my meat even though it wasnt eaten often, I ate it!

Well, I then decided to look up some "raw foodist" via the internet to see what they had done and most of all, I wanted to see what they looked like. As I discovered site after site of testimonials from those who were "doing raw" I was absolutely shocked! Many of the individuals looked younger in their older years than when they were young! Could this really be the ultimate anti-aging thing without surgery?! As I read testimonial after testimonial I viewed "before & after" pictures of these individuals (I highly recommend you google "raw foods before and after pictures") and see for yourself. It will blow your mind! Some of these people lost hundreds of pounds and showed 6 month, 1-2 year on to 10 year progressions of themselves doing raw. One lady I saw was in her 80's and she posted a picture of herself climbing a tree! She looked at least 20 years younger than her age.

Well, that was it for me, I decided it was time, I was ready and I began my journey this January. In just my first month, I have experienced increased energy, weight loss in inches, skin clarity & minimization of under eye bags, a healed bowel situation, firming of my flesh and my teenage daughter commented on how much more youthful looking I appear.

I eat when I'm hungry, because doing raw really regulates your cravings. I eat as much as I want! No calorie or carb counting here! My body let's me know when I've eaten enough and I no longer over eat! It is WONDERFUL!!! If I hadn't experienced it for myself, I wouldn't have believed it! I'm excited to see what I'll look & feel like in a full 6 months.

All that said, I need to mention one of the main reasons I waited so long to do raw, was because I didn't think I could afford to. I have found that there are some resourceful ways to accomplish raw while on a budget. It can take a lot of research and time to locate places where you can get what you need, and one of the goals of my blog is to help you do that. As I discover, I'll share, and if you've got info, you're welcome to share!

I called this blog "GhettoRaw" cause I don't proclaim to be an expert. My ways of suggesting how to get things done might not be fancy and for the most part won't be expensive unless absolutely unavoidable. For instance, nut butters are a staple in the raw foods diet, but some nut butters can cost $27 a jar(12-15oz) in my "ghetto" opinion, you done lost yo mind! The average shopper cannot pay $27 for a jar of nut butter(even though there are citizens out there paying it) So, my goal is to show you how you can get the best for less, there really is a way!

Raw should not be a lifestyle for the elite & privileged few!
I hope to spread the blessing of raw to those who would like to eat healthier and live better but are on a budget or fixed income. Sadly, most of the people who fall into this category have the worst health because they often must purchase substandard, cheap food. I hope to alleviate some of that through knowledge for those who want it.

I will continue to keep you updated on my personal progress and in my next writing, I'll deal with the differences between vegetarians, vegans, & raw foodist. I want to also share my starting points with you in terms of resources as well.

Also, I'm letting you know up front. While I am not at this time any longer retailing health foods, I do still retail natural products and supplements and have been for over 16 years. I promote what I use myself and feel comfortable with and do my best to offer the best for less.

I am one of the resources that will be listed as this blog continues. I will also discuss the different aspects I've learned so far concerning raw, how to start where you're at and work with what you have to be healthier.
I hope to create a fun and easy to understand environment for those who choose to follow me in my journey
I look forward to sharing & learning on this my raw journey
blessing to you in the name of our Lord & Savior
Yashua, Jesus
Miss Yna

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